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Modified vehicles


Designed exclusively for VIP clientele, the Maxus G10 VIP Transport takes the superior platform of the Maxus G10 MPV, with exceptional safety and seating for up to six passengers, and includes luxurious cross-stitched leather seating, tinted windows, starlit roof, personalised USB ports and backrest-mounted DVD screens for absolute passenger comfort. Offering luxury travel for a highly competitive price, the Maxus G10 VIP is the ultimate in executive group transportation.


Maxus vans can be locally modified into ambulances in line with the specifications of the relevant local regulatory authorities across the UAE. The primary requirement for any ambulance is to offer paramedics the ability to move freely inside the vehicle so they can support their patient. The Maxus design allows this flexibility and can be converted to different types of ambulance based on the specific requirements of the customer.



Distinctive in shape and structure, the Maxus school bus has safety and comfort at its heart. Modified locally, and according to the exact requirements of the various local authorities across the Emirates, Maxus is recommended for use as a small school bus, ideal for small institutions such as nurseries but also for large institutions such as universities and schools who may require the use of smaller buses in densely populated areas for easier navigation.


Chiller van

Maxus vans can be fitted locally with additional chiller or freezer equipment. These vehicles are ideal to use for transportation in the fresh food industry, dairy industry, fruit and vegetable business, bakeries and for the transfer of frozen goods.

Ideally suited to refrigerated transportation, the vehicles are modified and can easily achieve sub-zero temperatures needed to combat the harsh summer temperatures in this part of the world. Maxus chiller vans are used by several industry-leading supermarkets, bakeries, fruit and veg and fresh food trading companies in the UAE.

Wheelchair Access Vehicles (WAV)

Unique in the UAE, our specially modified version of the Maxus G10 allows wheelchair users to independently board and alight the Maxus quickly, an innovative improvement on the cumbersome hydraulic lift at the rear of the vehicle. Instead, wheelchair users simply use the manual incline ramp to push or be pushed into the vehicle to join other passengers. The ramp then folds conveniently into the back of the vehicle. This adaptation is also available in Maxus commercial vehicles too, offering a convenient solution for schools, hospitals or organisations with multiple wheelchair users. The design was developed in association with a pioneering UK firm that specialises in the conversion of wheelchair access vehicles.