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Annual sales volume of SAIC leads domestic auto market for 11 years

Compared with the lofty heights of the past several years, 2015 was considered to be a ‘cold winter’ for the Chinese auto market. Data shows that total output for last year was 24.59 million, increasing by only 4.68 percent on a year-on-year basis. However, the annual accumulated sales volume of SAIC reached 5.90 million, increasing by 5.01 percent and leading the domestic auto market. Among which SAIC MAXUS became one of the quickest areas of growth, increasing by 68 percent on a year-on-year basis, and providing a good outlook for the 12th five-year plan of SAIC Motor.

Uptrend in domestic market; Winning high-end market orders in Europe

As disclosed by CAAM, the sales volume of commercial autos reached 3.45 million, decreasing by 8.97 percent year-on-year. Heavy trucks and passenger car sales decreased, with the wide-body light bus industry maintaining steady growth. The accumulated annual sales volume of wide-body light buses reached 134,806 in 2015, decreasing by 4.1 percent on a year-on-year basis. Joint-ventures such as Jiangling Quanshun also declined by more than 7 percent, and DFAC Yufeng dropped over 30 percent. SAIC MAXUS showed a different trend, with annual sales volume reaching 21,068, increasing 24 percent on a year-on-year basis; and its market share also increased to 15.6 percent, compared with 12.8 percent in last year.

In the overseas market, SAIC MAXUS has been exported to 41 countries and regions with an annual export volume of around 5,000, taking up 14 percent of the total sales volume. With its strong system and high-end quality from LDV’s 100-year European origin, developed countries have become the largest overseas market of SAIC MAXUS.

The excellent performance of SAIC MAXUS in overseas and domestic markets indicates how highly regarded SAIC MAXUS is. Showing the strength Chinese auto market, SAIC MAXUS has been a good model and provides an example to other domestic enterprise wishing to export to developed overseas countries.